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Bountiful Babies
don't panic as the kits are easy to neutralise they are just a pain in the butt lol all will be well

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Andama Dujon

Just been on Ebay today and some of theirs are now being listed as another new colour, they're saying this is a new neutral peach which is supposedly warmer than the previous light neutral (??!!?) and they reckon its their best colour yet. Mind boggles. Guess you might just as well order and take pot luck!!
Caroline Stratfull
Reborn Baby Dolls UK Midlands

I have just purchased 3 from BB and they are a great pale colour, more like the
german made ones. I was told that they are using firms in Germany, India
and one in China to see which is value for money.

I guess the 3 I bought, came from Germany cannot fault the one I have purchased
so far so good. I have had a good dozen from Bb and had no problem with them
apart from the Nod being very grey, but then its a little bit more work, but the
kits are so cheap, so not complaining.
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I would be very upset if I ordered a pink or peach vinyl kit and it came to me gray.
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The grey ones are awful

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

(04-14-2012, 01:49 PM)BabyBlues Wrote: BB's customer service is very kind. But their shipping charges are unrealistic, and their kits are difficult for me.

I have never ordered directly from them for that reason precisely. If only they would send Priority! It's fast enough and cheap enough. EMS is simply absurd!

Here in Brazil, anything send EMS is taxed for sure, whilst something coming First Class or Priority have much higher chances to "pass by" customs unscathed.

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