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Birth certificates?
I was wondering where people get the templates for reborn birth certificates- I'd like to make them for my two but I don't know where to find them- I presume most people use free templates and that's what I'm aiming for- any help would be great!
I know lots of people sell birth certificates and I am sure someone will be able to help you with a template.
I had passports made, some with my logos and some without with my logo so cant help you with the templates sorry

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Andama Dujon

I don't know how suitable these are, but here's a link to some simple ones:

I can't imagine it would be too difficult to make a template yourself using adobe photoshop, or even Microsoft publisher or word. You could always get a copy of an actual birth certificate, and loosely base it on that - there are samples of the commemorative australian birth certificates here ( ), that you might be able to copy even? You'd have to replace the Australian emblem with your logo - and remove the parents information bit.

I might make up a template for people to use and post it here later? Photoshop here I come!

Hope that helps... expect a pdf and docx template in a few hours!

Forgot to add... you could get some fancy fonts off of and install them onto windows. Might look a bit more fancy?
I do not usually sell my babies, but I love to print birth, naming and adoption certificates and announcements for them. I found some templates here:
You can even make your own certificates with Photodraw or another program using blank certificates or borders like these:
I prefer to fill out them by hand, I print on glossy paper and write on it with a cd marker with a fine tip or a gel pen.
Thanks for the links - there are some good examples there. I haven't thought about a certificate before, but it is a nice idea.
Printing certificates are really a fun. You just print certificates and give it to any important persons and tell them that God give you the happiness of a child. These certificates can be made by using certificate templates. some links that i will suggest are

3... award certificate template


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