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Best hair to use
Hi, I just wondered if anyone can recommend a nice hair to root. I have been using ruby red hair. But to be honest it seems wiry to me, it never looks soft like real hair. Any suggestions?
I use Delta Dawn. Sooo soft, never bleeds and smells wonderful too!! If you email her, she puts you on a mailing list , and sends you a email with her latest available.
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Thank you :-)
I buy mine from City of reborn Angles in Australia although to be honest I am not sure where it comes from but it is lovely to say the least and very easy to work with.

Ruby red is great for those cheap little kits and if the hair is very stiff when rooted then mix fabric softener and water 1/3 softener-2/3 water and spray the hair, it will make it gorgeous and soft.

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Andama Dujon

City of Reborn Angels hair is beautiful and it is produced by Susan Nagel. I use Angisve74 from Italy (Ebay) for both my alpaca and kid mohair and it's gorgeous. If you live in USA slumberland seems to be the favourite. I have also used angora mohtique and it is also beautiful but very expensive. I used ruby red when I just started reborning and it can look nice if you condition it well and I think it is ok when you're just learning as premium mohair isn't cheap.
I've bought a ton from different sources, but found I like Delta Dawn Kid Mohair best so far. I'll let you what I think of my Slumberland Kid Mohair when it arrives.
Jeni Razoux
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I too love Delta Dawn
I have used lots of different mohair, and I personally have found Susan Nagel's mohair to be heads above the rest.
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I joined the mailing list for delta dawn, but I need hair now really. I can see any to buy the site. I will try the fabric softener

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