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Being judgemental towards one of my babies?
hi everyone ,
I have 3 babies and I have been collecting since February this year.
One of my babies ( the first one I got) is a child's reborn and a normal doll. He's not the most realistic doll but I still adore him.
My second is a reborn vampire and she looks very realistic for being something that doesn't exist and I adore her to bits
My third, that I got just over a month ago , is a baby based off of the aliens from avatar, the na'avi .
When she came I wasn't very impressed, she was miniture, even tho on the ad it never said that. Her tail was two pipecleaners twisted together.
And she was stuffed into a tiny box with only a blanket and a printed out birth certificate.
It was such a let down compared to the boxes full of sweet smelling perfume and cute gifts that I had with my other two.

Now , I just can't seem to bond with her at all. But I feel like I'm being really picky.

Also, is it weird to collect these dolls and not want children?

I don't know, to me it's weird to bring a new life into this world just so you can dress it up but that's just me I guess ?
Sorry no offence meant at all, but yes you are being picky. The only weird thing you have said is that " the boxes full of sweet smelling perfume and cute gifts " why people should expect gifts when they have only paid for the doll is beyond me. People perhaps expect way too much these days, the cost of making a reborn works out at roughly £150 plus the set of clothes the doll would come in. I am grateful to receive the item I paid for and expect no extras, if they come you are lucky if they don't it should not stop you from bonding with your item.
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I dont think it is weird to collect fantasy dolls at all and they can be amazing to look at, I have to say I don't get why people reborn dogs or even collect them but each to their own.

I think the last doll you got was not perhaps advertised correctly and I would be inclined to get hold of the maker and she what she will do for you if the doll was not what was advertised.

would love to see photos of your collections.

On the final note I do tend to agree with Thread about buyers wanting more than they paid for as this is very expensive hobby not to mention time consuming. It is lovely to receive little gifts with your reborn but not everyone sends them and generally what comes with the baby is listed.

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Andama Dujon

I take a different approach because life is to short.
It you do not get what you paid for send it back and request a refund. There is no such thing as being to picky when it comes to spending your hard earned money to buy something unless you just want to waste your money. If that was the case you could have donated that money and it would have been better spent.
As for the free gifts you got that you did not ask for, it is ok to like them but dont feel pressured to keep the item because of them.
You and you alone have to live with that item and the money you spent on it. Its a hard thing to look at a unwanted item and not feel cheated every time you look at it.
Do your self a favor, if you truly feel that you did not get what you paid for decide whether you want to keep it, take a partial refund or a full refund and move forward with your decision and dont let anyone make you feel bad for doing so.
Picky is whats in the details and it makes all the difference in purchasing quality work.

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