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Bad Seller - See pic of Doll - Keep reselling

I purchased this doll, I am the second buyer to purchase this doll within 30 days.
Seller keeps relisting the doll for sale when she does not get the money she wants for it even though the doll sells.
I am the second buyer of the doll and like the first buyer I paid the seller but she did not ship the doll. Had to contact Ebay to get my money back. Wasted time and a hold has been put on my money because of this.

Seller has a scheme going on. She closed or changed her bank account so they will not accept payment from Ebay or Paypal that way she does not have to honor the sale. The problem is Ebay system marks the item as unpaid even though payment has been made. This is because the Seller has stopped the payment from going thur. This cause Ebay sytem to mark the buyer account with a unpaid buyer strike.
Forget about the fact my money is tied up in the system and It will not be return for weeks. Later Ebay will also remove the negative feedback left for the seller when she calls and complains that she did not get paid for the item because the Ebay phone reps don't know what is going on and that the seller is scamming people so they remove the feedback, now nobody knows this seller is running this game.

I don't think much of Ebay. They don't enforce their own rules and allow sellers to do this . I keep shopping there because I get some good deals in between these dishonest sellers.

See pic of doll that keeps getting resold on Ebay.
Doll is 1924 Effanbee bubbles Doll, 24"

( tried to post pic, not sure if it shows below)

I don't see the listing! EBay stinks!
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
[Image: 2b936076-674d-40a5-a66e-6a92444980ca_zpsd3072c0f.jpg]
I agree.
Ebay does not have any one to police them so they allow a multitude of sins under their umbrella of a suppose guarantee. The BBB is useless with them. They pay the BBB to be members so the BBB looks the other way and tells people who write them about Ebay that they don't handle that type of complain. Go figure.

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