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Baby Teagan
Finished this little cutie. I'm very happy with her as far as my abilities go to date. She has been sold and will join 'brother' Taite. They are xmas gifts and I hope they will be well received. My customer was very happy with Taite so I do hope she loves this one too.
[Image: 2f5f5a22-b9b0-4f8b-b5fb-1c6e481a6e71_zps83113fdd.jpg]
[Image: f562d0db-f3a1-428a-a33d-32a25509ec4d_zps45688608.jpg]
Beautiful and I love the outfit. I know her new mum will love her

you have been pinned

you have been blogged

Love her Lynn but wanted to see a full shot! There can never be too many pix... LOL
I love seeing everyones work!
Well done I think she looks great!
HuGs KiM
[Image: Certificate_zpsb0009b42.png]
Beautiful baby, I lover her dress and bonnet too!x
[Image: forumlogo15_zpsgacc9kxd.jpg]
Very pretty!
[Image: sig-photo_zpsoxqw3uk3.jpg]
Thank you all, and thank you Andama for the pins, for the twins. And Kim I will get some daylight pics before she goes.

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