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baby powder on dark skinned doll?
Hello, hello! Smile

I have two questions.

First, is baby powder / and or /cornstarch safe to use on dark skinned dolls? Or will it leave a white residue? My doll tends to attracts all kind of dusts and hairs possible. I tried to use a soft white brush with no success...

Also, I am trying to find out what my doll is made of. Silicone or vinyl?
This whole thing is new to me and I am a little confused.
She is an Ashton Drake doll called Little Umi. I contacted the seller, she told me it was silicone. Yet, everywhere I look, her description varies from silicone to others saying she is 'collector-quality vinyl.' From what I can tell, her limbs are soft and wiggle gently at the ends when you move them. I can stretch her thumbs in every directions. What do you guys think?

Thank you! Smile
I had a look and your little Umi is collector grade silicone. That will be why it is attracting all the lint and dust. I am sorry I don't know the best way for you to care for it as I don't own a silicone doll.
Its probably tin silcone and thats a nightmare, especially as she is dark skinned,
the cornflower dusting is going to show up, I bought a very expensive little tin
of stuff for the silicones but it tasted of icing sugar but at £37.00 it was not worth it,
I did sell the doll on but the buyer knew all about it getting sticky and was not concerned. I really don't know what to suggest, you could try a light dusting say on the sole of the foot see what its like, but do use cornstarch. and brush off with a makeup brush immediately afterwards, do not leave it on. I have a bodied silicone made in Platignum silicone and she does not get sticky. But you pay a an awful lot more money for these babies.

Have you tried wiping her down with a damp cloth ?
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Thank you for your time kiwiserenity! Smile

Oh, that's good to know Threads. I will give a try on her little foot and see how its goes. I haven't tried a damp cloth yet. I was waiting to have opinions on the forums first before trying anything. Thanks for the suggestions and tips! Smile
let us know how it goes, try the damp cloth first then the powder on the feet,make sure you sieve the cornstarch first
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Alright, will do. I will share the results when I try it. Thanks Threads Smile
As lovely and as realistic as silicones can be they can also be a total nightmare to look after

I found this online and it seems to be the same advise no matter where you look

Cleaning the Doll

The dust and dirt may accumulate on your baby doll. The buildups of the dust will start damaging the color and integrity of your reborn slowly. Try not to give a bath to your baby doll as water is harmful to the stuffing of the doll.

For basic cleaning, use a soft brush or feather to remove the dust on the surface. To deep clean, it, remove the clothing of baby doll as it is in birthday suit. Once your baby is buck-naked, take a towel slightly wet with warm water and wipe down your reborn gently from head to toe.

You may also use a non-toxic soap or detergent to lather away stubborn stains. Avoid excessive scrubbing it may produce scratches on reborn’s body. Wipe the body with a dry towel and put its clothes back once it’s clean

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Andama Dujon

Hello Andama and sorry for the late reply!
Thanks for the advice, very much appreciated. Smile

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