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baby hammock
I made this today out of my stash wool.
for my boy Billy
[Image: DSCF0204_zpscddda110.jpg]
[Image: DSCF0209_zpsd686d52a.jpg]
awww that is so cute I love it

Thank you andama, now to start a pink one.
don't forget to post photos, does it take you long to make one

about 6 hours. with two threads of DK and a size 5 and 5.5 crochet hook. I don't crochet as quick as I used to.
Do you have a pattern you could share its lovely I would like to hang my babies too, hmmm maybe I should have worded that better, lol
I did a crochet circle, I used a ytube how to as I always forget how much to increase on each row. if it isn't wide enough do another row or 2 increase rows. until you treble in ever stitch

then I crochet for 3 rows.

tr treble
tog together

tr until last stitch. miss last stitch, turn work
tr till last 2 stitches, tr 2 tog. turn
now you work back and forth. tr 2 tog at each end
until you think the gap is big enough. (I only did this for three rows.)

when desired length tr 2 tog, tr 1 tr 2 tog ect all the way along.
now the straps.
I chained 50, single crochet into the middle back, chain 50 single crochet into last stitch. turn work.
crochet all along chain for reinforcement, single into middle again under the last single crochet, single all along to the end, single into end. cut and fasten of well.
I then used a net curtain all I had at hand. put through straps knot and hang on a hook.

I hope this all makes sense, let me know if it isn't.

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