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Baby Fox's Arrival
I received beautiful baby Fox for my birthday ( she was created by the very talented Andama ) Baby Fox was all wrapped up beautifully and my 6 year old was chomping at the bit ( as was I ) to open her.

Finally as we got the box opened my son yells out at the top of his lungs" OMG Mum what is that smell? ( My son has Aspergers so he won't hold back at all about what he says )

" How did the lady make her smell like a new baby, she smells beautiful you could sniff her all day"

LOL just had to share cause it was soooo damn cute!
It is a cute story and there is something really lovely about the new baby smell, I remember the impact it made on me when I opened a doll I had purchased years ago and I often wonder if mums who adopt from me or any artist also get that same buzz.

The smell lasts for weeks if not months it is beautiful. Bless your son how funny was he.

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Hi Karen,

It is soooooo lovely when babies arrive and they smell lovely. My eldest son (17) has apsergers so I know what you mean about saying it as it is!!!!

Dylan my youngest is excited as I am getting a baby boy soon!!! Funny how they like to get involved at that age.

Can you put some photos on please

Karen xxx
[Image: imagehra.jpg]

I just love my dolls!
thats a cute story Smile congrats on reciving one of andis babies for your birthday i hope you had a great day Smile
hugs gayle
I love it that is so cute. I love kids and their out spokeness.
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