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Hi i just purchased Avery by denise pratt and was wondering if anyone had used her dolls or even Avery and what they thought of her to work with and what they thought of denise pratt and her dolls i am just new to reborning and this is my 1st purchase thanks all

Really love reborns Smile
Hi Scottatan I did avery a few years ago. She was good to do and went to her new adoptive parents in America.
[Image: ariannaversion2pinkdress.jpg]
Hi there, i have also painted 2 of her, for the same lady. She loves them and they were great to work with, their limbs are wonderful because both hands are open where as most kits have 1 open hand and 1 closed fist.
I have done 1too i think the kit look cute and easy to work with too,here some photo of my Avery.

[Image: me111.jpg]
[Image: inspirationheadermain.gif]

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