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Well this month the sun is out longer and we may still drop well below zero at nights but the days are glorious.

I am now have more time to reborn which is fantastic and hope to finish my Luca today August the 9th and who knows I may even it photographed.

The shop now has a few groups who come once a week on different days for classes and get together or they just come to do their own thing and sit and chat with other crafter's so business is slowly growing.
We have

card makers
doll makers
golliwog makers
bead makers
and a writers group.

Our Friday spinner group
[Image: 10513478_1391292981109948_15437548302819...21ebf1.jpg]
[Image: IMG_5986_zps94ff7428.jpg]

I have been learning beading lol

[Image: 10488090_1391525794420000_73162623133593...ca8db1.jpg]
I have visitors for the last couple of weeks but now life is back to normal wahooooo and I can get back to this forum as well as other things. What has everyone else been up to.

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Sounds like fun Andama and cant wait to see another of your Luca`s xx
Looks like a comfortable little group you have there. Smile
I've finished the lookalike doll (posted his pic about a couple of weeks ago) and 'Kate' as you know. Just received the cutest little elf by Olga Auer, what a gorgeous sculpt. I'll have to put my thinking cap on for how I'm going to dress her, she's so tiny!! Have to make a start on the two 16" dolls ordered by my work mate. That's next week tho.
Relaxing and trying to figure out what the future is for my website and the babies I create. I am not too worried though, I hope the Holiday season is good for sales. I have been trying some new things, have some new classes this Fall in Psychology and homeschooling my youngest son who is 12, he was having a problem with bullies in school. I am looking forward to releasing a few babies for the Holidays and that's that!

Love your shop Andama!
[Image: forumlogo15_zpsgacc9kxd.jpg]
Looking amazing Andi - all that time and travel and angst finding the right spot but all seems to be coming together really well now - so pleased for you.
And your generosity to all is so abundant - I'm really pleased to see those happy spinners enjoying the warmth of your hospitality.
I'm sure business will continue to grow for you - you deserve it.
Your shop looks great! Looks very inviting.
[Image: sig-photo_zpsoxqw3uk3.jpg]
I enjoy looking at pics of the Knick Knackery, it contains very unique, and interesting things for sale. It is awesome that you have provided a get together place for all the talented locals and I wish you all the best in your new business.
I have had both ups and downs recently. My Mum came for a holiday from New Zealand and stayed a month, so I enjoyed my time with her. Then the day before my Mum went back to NZ my daughter who was 21 weeks pregnant gave birth to a stillborn baby boy. I was her support partner during labour as her husband who works away couldn't get back from Darwin in time. It was very sad Sad On a lighter note I've just listed 2 auctions on Ebay and my Coco kit by Natali Blick arrived and I am in love and think this one might be my keeper. I'm working on Caspar Gotzen at the moment and still haven't finished the hair on Chloe Gomes.
Looks like you have a great thing going there, well done and enjoy! Im busy trying to sell some reborns, so I can pay for my new Silicone baby! The ones I am selling, I have had for a while so they are cheapie ones lol, but all adds up!
Cherie's Little Cherubs Nursery


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