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"are you sure that's not real!"
So, I showed a pic of my Kaitlyn on my phone to a co- worker who absolutely did not believe she wasn't real. So I brought her into work to show her. As I was leaving carrying her I said goodbye to another co-worker. She hollered back asking who's baby I had and I told her she isn't real. She proceeded to say "are you sure that baby isn't real!?" At which point I had her, and the 4 other people who were in line checking her out. They were all amazed at how life like she is. It was pretty funny though, the way she said that. Like I couldn't tell if I was carrying a real baby or notBig Grin
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lol the reactions people have to these "babies" are funny Smile
hugs gayle
They certainly surprise folk our beautiful babies bet that was so funny
I had a sign made recently and sent the guy some pics of my reborns to put on it, he said it freaked him out when he saw them he thought I had sent pics of real babies
They sure fool a lot of people its good fo us though thats are aim after all to make them look as lifelike as possible

Judy x
my daughter was carrying a doll into the shopping centre to show a lady... when she was stopped by they coffee shop lady (where i get my morning coffe) and her boyfriend. the ladys bf had seen steph and was like "oh my god a girl that age having a baby (steph is 15).. the coffee shop lady had to take him up to steph and show him the doll to prove it was a doll.

LOL so funny can just imagine the scene

Judy x
thats what i get for having a 15 yr old thats tall and slender lol... she gets called a boy alot.. i feel like buying her a shirt that says "yes i am a girl"... i recently bought a 2nd hand bay top.. that says "yes i am a boy" and steph goes hey mum i need one of those , but in girl lol
The only reason I know one of the two children living in the house next to me is a girl is because her mother told me she was ROFL. It is too hard to tell now with the big running shoes and boy shorts lol.

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Andama Dujon

My daughter always got called a boy too when she was younger but her brothers were like girls with lovely curls, being tall and slendour sounds good to me and she sure knows shes a girl lol and thats all that matters

Judy x
Long and Slender? What's that not anything my pants have seen for a few years. LOL
My sister was like that and she was very athletic and she would get so mad when we were kids then nature happened and EVERYONE knew she was a girl. I use to tease her all the time and call her Steve instead of Steph and of course she knock me on the floor LOL Oh the memories :-O
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