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Are Reborns dolls ART dolls
Wikipedia, says

Art dolls are objects of art, rather than children's toys, created in a wide variety of styles and media, and may include both pre-manufactured parts or wholly original works

One-Of-A-Kind (OOAK) art dolls
may command prices in the thousands of dollars; publications featuring established and emerging doll artists support collection, and artist groups, such as the National Institute of American Doll Artists, promote the art form. Art Doll Quarterly by Stampington & Company is one example of a print publication exclusively dedicated to engaging doll artists and collectors.

The term reborn is really rather obsolete as artist of reborn dolls no longer actually reborn dolls. The term came about because there were no kits around to work with and we had no choice BUT TO REBIRTH play dolls.

These new dolls are not made for children as play dolls making them in fact ART DOLLS .
Artists are under valuing their skills when advertising their works of art as reborn dolls.

Perhaps the term reborn doll artist would be perfect for those starting out making these works of art and those who have honed their skills should in fact be CALLED ARTISTS making LIFE LIKE ART DOLLS.

thoughts guys

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Andama Dujon

Yes "Art Dolls" I prefer that ..our dolls are a work of art
Yes i agree, reborning is a work of art for sure
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Yep! Definitely ART DOLLS, but most people searching use "reborn". Part of the lean toward ART dolls came from a lady in the USA that patented the term "Reborn Doll" and had auctions pulled from eBay for using that term. A group of artists got together and started a "Go a Fund Me" to raise money for an attorney to contest the patent. The effort succeeded and the term Reborn is once again available for use without a problem. ART Doll is more accurate.
Pia Allen - Edmond, Oklahoma
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These really are not reborn dolls as we are now using kits and yes I do agree that reborns is the search word for buyers looking for these dolls although now everyone uses the term, China, Ashton Drake so when is a reborn not a reborn

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Andama Dujon


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