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AA babies using Rit Dye HOW TO
So today I made a video about dying your dolls using RIT dye. I did not realize it came out as dark as it did however I think you can get the idea of how it works with the video.
I will make another one in a couple of weeks when I have time and hopefully it should be clearer but in the meantime if you have any questions please ask away.

Hi Andama, I really enjoyed watching that and hearing your voice Smile It appears to work really well !!
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awww thanks Catherine, it was made in a bit of a hurry but the next one will be better

I to enjoyed watching the video, look forward to seeing the kit complete
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I shall be getting onto that very thing next week

Wow that's really interesting and I'm a fan of experimenting. Good one Andi I will be watching this with much interest.
Hiii Andama

Did you mix the Rite Kit per the instructions or add something to it? My Bountiful Baby did not not take to the dye.
I see you warmed the water...which I did too
And I dipped the limb into the mixture for 20seconds like you did.
Can you help me please ?

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