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A bit excited :0)))
Hi all,
Just wanted to share that I placed an order for Slumberland mohair... yippeee

I'm hoping it will make a difference with my Babies hair... I'm holding alot of expectations here Tongue

Anyone tried this hair before and if so what were the differences you noticed..

I have two lots of Slumberland and both were rubbish, kept breaking off
continually. I threw them away, such a lot of money hit the dustbin.

I now use Susan Nagel Yearling, lovely and soft and no breakages.
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I hope the hair is all you want it to be, Let us know when it arrives and how it works out for you,

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

I use Slumberland, Delta Dawn, and Susan Nagel I do prefer Susan Nagels hair. You shoud find Slumberland is a lot easier to root if you have been using the cheap mohair .. let us no xx
Slumberland is lovely - I recently tried the yearling and it's lovely and straight and sits well against the head. I feel that my babies now look more realistic because of it. I do like Susan Nagel too but I just prefer the straighter hair for most of my babies.
Thanks so much for all your replies. You've all been very helpful! Smile

It is alot of money if it breaks hmmmm
Fingers crossed though it is at least better than the Ruby red i have been using..

Otherwise i might try one of the others you all have suggested
Just wanted to share my experience so far with Slumberland vs Ruby red.
So far i haven't rooted the hair as yet but in comparison to RR it is finer and softer and doesn't matt up and get knotty from the touch. So i am expecting less time spent combing it during rooting.

Hopefully these pictures come out so you can see for yourself how the texture is different.

[Image: DSCF3378.jpg]

[Image: DSCF3377.jpg]
the pictures didnt turn out so send them to me if you like and I will load them

[Image: happy_flamingo.gif]
Andama Dujon

Sad oh well.
Thats how i do it on ebay. any help?
Okay, doing it now. Thanks so much Andama :0)
Hi all,
I've been meaning to come back to let you all know my experience with SL hair.

I've tried it on two of my reborns so far and have had so much breakage Sad and its so fine too... I've been having trouble getting used to that. I interchanged with a 43 1 barb and a 42 3 barb crown.
Maybe its the way i use the needle but serioulsy i push one hair in and it cuts it. Then i can have a really good run where no hair breaks and each strand pushes in.

All in all, i have enjoyed hair rooting more than ever before, especially since watching the PLBD hair rooting dvd. I understand the process and how to directional root and why.

Thanks all for your input. I think i will give Susan Nagel a shot next.

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