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Beautiful Andi and reminds me of a poem I learned many years ago concerning taking time out for people when asked "Do you have a minute?":

"I only have a minute
Only 60 seconds in it
Didn't seek it - didn't choose it
But its up to me to use it
I will suffer if I loose it
Pay account if I abuse it.
Just one tiny little minute -
But eternity is in it."

How precious our time - and how important we use it wisely.

One other thing that I notice regarding this thread - at the time of me reading it - it has had 771 views. The next closest is 84.
I wonder - if the thread was titled 86,400 seconds - would it have had so many hits??

It's a great soul searcher Andi - thanks for sharing it.
And I hope you too have a rich and beautiful day - and everybody else out there too.

I didn't look at the number of people who had visited the thread and I think you may be right about being because it has money title

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Andama Dujon

Love it Andi.......I like anything that makes you think, and is soulful, meaningful.........
Life is precious, time is precious.........

Jayne xx
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