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Greetings everyone,  thought it was time to see what everyone's plans are for the new year, personally I am thinking mine will be pretty good (wishful thinking lol) and I like to stay positive.

I have been thinking about sorting out my living space as well although I have started on my work spaces which is  start. I have been making doll patterns and working with painting fabric which has been interesting and fun.

I have also  got half a dozen reborns on the go so I plan to get back into them this year.

I will stop teaching doll making this year as I want to spend more time making my own , Plus there is a group of  mostly women in the next town (one hours drive away) who work with disabled people and they have been trying to learn sign language for the last couple of years but of course getting a teacher in small towns is almost impossible and the cost is really high so I am going to teach them for the coming year. It will make it easier for them as they seem to have a lot of deaf clients coming through the system and I can not stand the fact that they try so hard to do the right thing and get stuck with not being able to find a teacher.
I will do one year with them one day a week and see how I feel at the end of it.  I guess that is my good deed for the coming year lol.

So your turn guys 

OH and I have decided to try and take off some weight this year ROFL

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Andama Dujon

Happy New Year to you all.

Sounds like you are going to be busier than ever this year Andama, that will make two
of us.

Sounds like a lot of work sorting out your living space as well as work spaces, I know
what you mean though, I really need to have a good clear out, but my sciatica is a
real pain now, I can hardly stand up for it, my right leg does not want to move, but
it has too, I cannot sit on my butt for 2018, although a goodly part of that will be
correct as have loads of outfits to make or the 4 shows I am doing this year.   I more
or less sold out at the October show, as well as selling 3 dolls, so got to make a start
soon.  I only reborn on the Mondays that Sandy comes over and we spend the day
on dollies.   I try to sew until about 3pm then crochet, as out of stock of that too, will
not be putting any more on FB for the time being, as they sell quickly and I need some for
the shows.

How lovely of your to go to teach sign language, my x mother in law used to be called
into the hospital when one was needed, I tried to tell her she should run classes for
people, but she was a selfish lady and did not want anyone else to be called to the
hospital.    You are doing a great thing, hope the ladies appreciate all the hard work
you are going to be doing, not least the cost of your petrol for the two hour journey
each time you go.

The Weight, now I would like also like to lose some weight, may try hard this year
than in the past.

Enjoy 2018 ladies,
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